Right tools are indespensable if you want to achieve your language goals fast. On this page I gathered resources that helped me personally to make language learning easy, fun and insanely productive.

Memrise - Learn New Vocabulary

Memrise is an amazing vocabulary builder app I use for last 3 years. I has courses in more than 70 world languages and this number is keep growing. What I love about Memrise is their devotion to brain science: they give you the opportunity to profit from every single brain trick that exists in the field of language learning: elaborate encoding, core vocabulary, spaced repetition, gamification and the power of community! It's all yours.

Bilinguapp - Learn with Audiobooks

With Bilinguapp you are ready to read on your target language from the day one. The app offers hundreds of audio books in 13 languages: all of them perfectly adjusted for language learners. With such amazing features as side-by-side reading and karaoke reading Bilinguapp empowers you to listen, read, translate and repeat at the same time.

Anki - Make Memorization Personal

Anki is 100% free software creater with the only goal: to help to memorize anything you want faster and more efficiently. With Anki you can create flash cards to learn the exact vocabulary you need, not the one offered by language learning apps. In my opinion, it's the best tool to work on developing specific or technical vocab in your target language.

Wikipedia - Language Sampling

Wikipedia is among the top language learning website you should use. How? a) It contains literally hundreds of thousands of articles in your target language. b) There is a 100% chance that you'll find something that interests you. c) You can access those with one click even without knowing any foreign language word through a "Language" tab. And, yeah... it also contains a free comprehensive grammar of the language you want to learn.

Polyglot Club - Free Language Exchange

Polyglot Club will help you with the most challenging aspect of languge learning: rough and straightforward practice. With this community you'll be able to sharpen your conversation skills, get immediate feedback and ask any language-learning-related question. Check for Polyglot Club events in your own city: real life communication is much more fun!

Audible - Top Audiobooks in Any Language

The only way to learn a language is to listen and read a lot of original content. And guess what? With Audible you do both reading and listening at the same time. Moreover, since Audible has hundreds of thousands of books on any topic, you always find something that you've always wanted to read. Listening to audiobooks in another language can be challenging at first but you'll love it. Follow this link to start a trial and get two free audiobooks.

DeepL - Next-level AI Translation

DeepL is a new AI translation tool that proved to be smarter than Google, Microsoft and Facebook translators combined. It supports translations of documents in .docx and .pptx formats and provides the higher-quality translation in 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Polish. With many more to come.

Context.Reverso - Check Your Usage

One of the best translation tools. This website (they also have an amazing mobile app) increases your chances to use a given word correctly by 50%. No kidding. With Context.Reverso you see dozens of examples with your word used in a real context, that allows you to feel the word meaning better. And, guess what, Reverso team offers context databases for 14 languages!

Pimsleur - Organic Language Learning

Pimsleur method is a real shortcut in language learning. 30 min audio-lessons help you to almost naturally acquire your target language: from the core vocabulary, to the "heart" of grammar, to the native-like pronunciation. For me, it's #1 choice among all paid language learning programs. So if you need to start speaking in 30 days whatever it takes, you're garanteed the result with Pimsleur.

Lang-8 - Writing Practice

With Lang-8 you can painlessly practice your writing with natives speakers. This source works almost like a blog platform: you create an account and post various stuff in what you think is your target language. Native speakers check what you wrote and correct your errors. So your writing improves. Fairly straightforward.

Readlang - Resources and tools for language learners

Readlang - Learn languages by reading

Readlang is a browser extension that helps you to learn a language by simply reading things you like. It translates any word you don't know, saves them in word lists and then allows you to learn this new vocabulary using spaced repetion method. It also has a huge library of texts for every proficiency level in more than 40 languages.

Used books in any language

Thrift Books - Cheap Multilingual Reading

By default, Thrift Books is considered as a used book webseller. Though, nothing should stop you from using this source for language learning. Reread books you have already read, but this time - in your target language. And there is a lot of options for any language from Spanish, to French, to Chinese, to Russian. No need to say that you'll love the prices.

Bilinguis: free resources for language learners

Bilinguis - Side-by-side reading

Bilinguis is a collection of side-by-side books in more than 15 languages. With this tool you can start reading in your target language from day one since the original English version is always there for reference. For some languages, audio is also available. Bonus: Bilinguis is completely free to use ;)

Lyrics Translate - Translate Songs

This is where you can practice the art of song translation without getting criticizited for your imperfect style, choice of words and minor grammar errors. Moreover, you can get an almost immediate feedback from native speakers by simply asking them to proofread your work.

Podcast Addict - Multilingual Podcasts

It's a pocket language teacher. With Podcast Addict you can practice your target language for HOURS with no "finding time" required. Just enter any topic, adjust language filter and listen to thousands of podcasts, radios and audiobooks available in this language.