About Alina Kuimova

Hi, I'm Alina Kuimova

Over the past three years, I learned three languages, read a ton of books and research papers on second language acquisition and became a top student of Linguistics and Language Studies program in a Canadian university. All this – in order to answer a single question that haunts me for years. 
This question is “what is the most efficient way to fluency?”
I find that knowledge of a foreign language is a skill – and, just like any skill, it requires practice to acquire and master. What changes the game is what and how you practice. And this is what this website is about. LINGUAPATH is a repository of techniques, methods, and tools that accelerate language learning and make it enjoyable. 
In my work, I try to bring in concepts from such areas as skill acquisition, cognitive science, memory, psychology of performance, productivity and habit formation. Most of these ideas come from my readings, linguistic research, and self-experimentation. I try to explain recent scientific studies in a way that you can immediately put them into practice in order to improve your language learning strategy. 
I like to illustrate these concepts with stories of polyglots, interpreters, and linguists, whose life revolves around learning different languages. And, of course, as someone who is obsessed with everything language-related, I myself never stop experimenting with novel learning approaches. I enjoy discovering and field-testing new strategies and then analyzing how they can improve my life as a language learner, a polyglot and a linguist. My core interest lies in the intersection of language acquisition and self-development and how the promotion of one promotes the other.
My primary medium for sharing such information is my free newsletter. So once you join the LINGUAPATH community, you’ll get access to a fascinating cocktail of proven language learning tips, science-based cognitive tricks, and inspiration.
I still have a lot to learn and I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I would like to share what I know to help you acquire the game changer skill – fluency in a foreign language.

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